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How Probation Works

How Probation Works

Probation is not a minor issue, and is extremely tough. Although you avoid jail time, you will be required to adhere to the terms of your probation – with NO violations. If you fail to do so, a warrant will be issued and you will be picked up by law enforcement, any place, at any time.

You could be required as part of your probation to report to a supervisor at a scheduled time; you may have to put up with random searches of your car, your residence or your clothing; you could be randomly tested for drugs or alcohol; you may have to attend treatment programs that must be completed within a certain length of time; you could be required to have electronic monitoring; to serve a long period of community service; to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle (at your own cost); and you may not be able to move out of the area unless approved by the judge.

In many cases it may better serve the accused individual to plead not guilty, particularly when there are errors in the case, faulty evidence, rights violations or other issues that could be beneficial to your defense. Yes, you were charged with a crime. That doesn't mean you will be found guilty. It is absolutely critical that you have your case reviewed before you make a decision. What if your charges could have been dismissed, due to problems with the evidence? You deserve every opportunity to fight back or gain an advantage in your case. That is where a high quality criminal defense lawyer can take action.

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