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The Criminal Justice Process: You Need a Defense Attorney

The Criminal Justice Process: You Need a Defense Attorney

You should never appear in court for any hearing without a Dallas criminal defense attorney. Judges are human, and they have their good days and their bad days. Some judges are known for their tough sentencing. If you are facing a bail hearing, on a bad day, you could be given bail that is so costly that it is not affordable. You will not be able to return to your family or home, but will remain in custody. If you are at your arraignment on a criminal charge, the issue surrounding your plea must be discussed fully and all of your options explored before you make a decision. Once you plead guilty, you no longer have the chance to change your plea easily, if at all. The decision about your case and your plea should be determined with the assistance of a skilled lawyer that can review the evidence and find the best strategy for you.

Some people believe that a misdemeanor offense is minor and that they should just go ahead and plead guilty. Did you know that many misdemeanor crimes can include a sentence of up to 12 months in jail? Don't assume you will get probation or a few days for a minor misdemeanor. One of the most damaging factors in a misdemeanor conviction is that you can have enhanced penalties if you are arrested again. As an example, a 3rd DWI charge will be filed as a felony. You could be deemed ineligible to adopt children after a misdemeanor conviction in certain cases, or it could affect your immigration status, or you could be deemed ineligible for certain professional licenses. For felony offenses, the situation is even more dangerous. You need a criminal attorney – just make sure you get a good one.

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