A Convicted Felon's Rights to Employment

If you have been convicted of a crime, then you still have rights. Despite your situation, you are still protected under the Equal Rights Opportunity Commission and all employers must abide by this act when they are determining whether your conviction makes it impossible for you to take the job. Private employers and government agencies have the right to pull out your criminal record when they are considering you for a job, They can also conduct a criminal background check and take information relative to a felony conviction into consideration as they decide whether or not you are good for a job.

For example, if you have been convicted of felony sexual assault of a minor, and you apply for a job as a day care worker, chances are that you will not be granted this position because of your felony conviction. Because there is a direct connection between the type of work that you would be doing and your previous conviction, the employers have every right to turn you away.

Now if you were applying for a job at a day care facility, and you have a felony DUI manslaughter offense on your record, this may be a little different. The employers may not have a right to turn you away based on your felony because it does not have any effect on whether or not you could perform this job well. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requires that employers consider three things when deciding whether or not to hire someone.

They must look at the nature and seriousness of the crime, and the type of job that is at stake. They must also decide how long it has been since the conviction, and look at any behavioral changes or attitudes of repentance that have characterized the applicant's life since this time. If you want more information about your rights to employment as a convicted felon, or if you have been charged with a felony and need representation then contact the Dallas criminal defense attorneys today!

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