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Cowboy's Lineman Bail Revoked After Positive Marijuana Test

Cowboy's Lineman Bail Revoked After Positive Marijuana Test

If you are arrested for a DUI of drugs, chances are that the police will require you to take a blood sample, and then you will be placed in jail until those test results come back. Recently, the Dallas Cowboy's lineman Josh Brent was arrested for a DUI manslaughter crime.

The incident happened in September, when Brent was driving home while he was under the influence of drugs. He was involved in a tragic accident that resulted in a fatality. Whenever a driver is not obeying traffic laws or is driving with an illegal substance, then that individual can be held responsible for manslaughter and charged with this crime.

Even though the accident was doubtless unintentional, the driver's negligence contributes to the fact that this is a serious crime. For this famous football player, smoking marijuana became the root of a serious offense after he injured and eventually killed passengers of another car out on the road. The football player has been in jail awaiting his trial, but he was released on a $100,000 bail. Recently, he tested positive for marijuana. This violated the terms of his bail that were agreed to when he was released, and led to the athlete's arrest.

Normally, if you violate the terms of your bail with drug use or another offense, you will be re-arrested and additional charges will be added to the docket for your trial. If you are on bail, then it is important that you learn the terms of your bail and honor all of them at all times. Many times drinking any alcohol or securing any drugs are reasons that your bail may be revoked. If you have had your bail revoked unjustly, hire a Knight Law Office attorney to help you. With the right Dallas criminal defense lawyer on your side, you may be able to prove your innocence in your case!


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