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Types of Theft Crimes in Texas

Types of Theft Crimes in Texas

Texas Theft Crimes

Under Texas State law, there are different types of crimes that are all fall under the umbrella of theft crimes. There are four that are highly common theft crimes in Texas that include the following:

  • General Theft
  • Shoplifting
  • Writing Bad Checks
  • Taking or Buying Property That Is Stolen

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General Theft

Any time an individual takes any personal item that belongs to another without permission, this is considered general theft. This can include stealing from your place of employment when others are not watching or even stealing a woman's purse.


Whenever an individual takes something from a retail store without any intention of actually paying for the item, this is considered shoplifting. Whether this involves stealing the item entirely or deliberately changing the price on the item so that you pay less money, both fall under theft crimes.

Writing Bad Checks

Should an individual choose to write a check from a closed account to pay for something, this is considered to be illegal under Texas criminal law. When the check bounces, they have less than 10 days to pay the merchant or else it can be seen as further evidence of theft.

Taking or Buying Property That Is Stolen

It refers to knowingly and deliberately accepting or buying a product or property from an individual with the understanding that it was stolen. This does not mean that you purchase an item without any foreknowledge that it was stolen property.

The penalties in Texas for theft can be severe, depending on the value of the item that was stolen. For more minor misdemeanors, convicted individuals may only have to pay a few hundred dollars, but as the penalties go higher, jail time and tens of thousands of dollars are at stake.

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