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Increase in Family Violence Cases During the Summer Months

Increase in Family Violence Cases During the Summer Months

Increase in Family Violence Cases During the Summer Months

Although a direct causal relationship does not exist between a surge in temperatures and a rise in domestic violence cases, during the summer there is a spike in reports of these types of crimes. According to researchers, law enforcement begins to see an increase in offenses during June, July, and August, with numbers starting to rise in the months when the weather outside begins to warm up. In June of 2017, the Dallas Police Department filed 435 family violence cases; whereas, in November of that year, there were just over 250.

Research suggests that several factors could contribute to the increased rate of these types of offenses, including:

  • Stress because children are out of school during summer
  • Hotter temperatures could lead to increased aggression
  • Summer get-togethers may lead to higher alcohol consumption

The contributing factors can’t be blamed specifically for family violence cases, nor do they suggest that an individual is more likely to actually commit an offense against their family or a member of their household. Because the excessive heat experienced during the summer months could account for heightened emotions, alleged victims may also be more prone to making false accusations.

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