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5 Steps to Take If You're Accused of Sexual Assault

5 Steps to Take If You're Accused of Sexual Assault

What to do if You're Accused of Sexual Assault

Since late 2017, the #MeToo movement has empowered victims of sexual assault to come forward with their experiences and accuse high-profile men in entertainment, politics, sports, and other industries. While there have been legitimate cases, there has also been an abundance of unfounded accusations.

Unfortunately, more and more young men are facing false allegations that have destroyed their lives and reputations—even without ever stepping foot inside a courtroom. That is why it is important for those being falsely accused to take proactive steps to protect their rights and innocence.

The following are several steps you should take if you’re facing sexual assault allegations:

  1. Understand how serious your situation is – Simply ignoring the accusations doesn’t mean it will simply disappear. Failure to take action can lead to more legal troubles. Learn about the potential charges you face and your rights.
  2. Hire a lawyer – As soon as you learn about the accusations against you, you need to obtain legal representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney. Your defense lawyer can guide you through the legal process and protect your rights through all stages of your case.
  3. Avoid making statements – If you are approached by law enforcement about the allegations, try not to answer any questions or make any statements until you discuss your case with your lawyer. While this may appear to be an opportunity to “clear your name,” anything you say could be used against you in court.
  4. Gather supporting evidence – Document your interactions and experiences with the accuser. Write down as many details as you can—including dates and locations—to create a timeline that can aid your defense. Additionally, gather a list of potential witnesses to the alleged incident.
  5. Do not confront the accuser – While it may seem natural to try to talk things out with your accuser. Not only could such an encounter lead to more confrontation, but it is also possible the accuser is being monitored by law enforcement.

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