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Do you want to get an expunction or non-disclosure order for your criminal record? An experienced Dallas criminal defense attorney can help you expunge your record and so allow you to look towards a future unaffected by anything contained on a criminal record. Even if you were found innocent or the criminal charges or allegations were dropped, there may be an entry on your criminal record which can unfairly color your reputation and preclude you from a variety of opportunities.

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Eligibility for Expunction in Texas

There are many reasons to get your records cleared or sealed. You may not realize that all arrests, misdemeanor or felony charges, criminal court issues and probation violations appear on your criminal record. Even if it was a false arrest or the case was dismissed, it is there on public record available to background checks. If eligible, you may be granted an expunction which clears your criminal record.

In order to receive a permanent removal of criminal records, individuals must meet certain qualifications. You are not eligible if you:

  • Have received deferred adjudication
  • Have be placed on probation
  • Have been convicted of a felony within the last 5 years
  • Are currently awaiting conviction for other charges
  • Have a dismissed felony conviction for which the stature of limitations has not expired
  • Were previously convicted of another crime that occurred during the same time frame

For juvenile offenders, any previous convictions for crimes can typically be removed from their record through a simple process - this has to do with the minor relationship to confidentiality.

Understanding Nondisclosure Orders

Alternatively, one can petition for a nondisclosure order which seals your records from the view of potential employers, landlords, bank loan officers and such. Depending on the nature of your charges, obtaining a nondisclosure order could be your best option. By removing any interaction related to criminal offenses, you can greatly improve your chances of obtaining certain occupations, education and other opportunities.

Application eligibility is similar to expunction in that the individual must have completed deferred adjudication and obtained a discharge. Additionally, they must have completed any probation periods and they must wait until the statutory waiting period is over.

Looking at the Process

The first step in the process involves filing a Petition for Expunction with the appropriate district court, requesting for an Order for Expunction. Completing this petition can often require the help of a qualified lawyer that knows and understands the intricacies involved in order to achieve the desired results.

After the Petitioner has filed, the court will provide a hearing date and notify necessary parties, agencies and other Respondents involved in the original offense. At the hearing, these Respondents are given the opportunity to object to the expunction.

If the court grants the expunction, the judge must sign the Order for Expunction, which must then be given to each organization that may have records on file related to the crime being removed. This process can be very complicated and your chances for getting approval are significantly higher when you have the help of a qualified attorney.

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer for Your Case

At Knight Law Office, our lead attorney is dedicated solely to criminal defense and is well-versed in all aspects of the criminal legal system. Over the past 20 years, he has helped many clients attain the peace of mind that comes with getting their records cleared or expunged. Providing ethical and respectable legal advocacy to clients throughout Northern Texas, Attorney Knight does not relent easily when it comes to his clients.

If you come to his office seeking legal representation with your expunction or nondisclosure issue, you can rest easier knowing that he will fight to protect your rights. As a former prosecutor, he learned how to properly present a solid case after thorough preparation.

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