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In the State of Texas, the law does not distinguish between "involuntary manslaughter" and "voluntary manslaughter." Instead, these charges all fall under the umbrella of manslaughter.

To be convicted of this offense, an individual must be guilty beyond reasonable doubt for causing the death of another individual as a result of reckless actions. The prosecutor does not need to prove that the action was premeditated or that they had the intent to kill, they simply have to show that their negligent actions were the reason for death.

There are certain defenses for this crime if you have the right attorney at your side. Dallas manslaughter defense lawyer, Nelson Knight, provides a dedicated approach with every case that he takes on. When clients come to him for assistance, they quickly realize that they are more than just another case number. He has the compassion and understanding that is needed to help relieve some of the burdens involved in the legal process, both in and out of the courtroom.

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Protection Against Your Charges

With the proper investigation by a devoted criminal lawyer, there are tactics that can be used to your advantage. We understand that there are certain instances and circumstances that are often out of your control. Additionally, we realize that you very well may be the victim in your case. Self-defense is a valid reason that may have forced you into a situation resulting in manslaughter.

When it comes down to it, our legal team knows that you will do anything you can to defend yourself, your family, and your loved ones if someone is trying to cause you harm. If a threat presents itself, your mindset to protect and your adrenaline may result in brutal actions, potentially in the form of deadly force.

Another viable reason for manslaughter could be insanity. Individuals cannot be held accountable for their actions if they do not even understand the nature of what they did. There are certain tests that must be taken in order to check a person's level of sanity. Always check with an educated attorney before automatically assuming anything about your case.

Possible Penalties in Texas

If you are convicted of manslaughter, the penalties can be extremely harsh due to the fact that it is a second degree felony in Texas. Typically a conviction will result in anywhere from:

  • Two to 20 years in prison
  • Fines of no more than $10,000

This does not include any additional probationary time that must be served, community service or other court mandated penalties. Protect your freedom and enlist the help of a qualified Dallas criminal defense attorney without delay.

Hard-Hitting Legal Representation in Dallas

Entrusting your manslaughter charges with Knight Law Office may be one of the best choices you make in the aftermath of an arrest. With over 20 years of legal experience at his disposal, Attorney Knight has handled over 200 jury trials and numerous bench trials. Having previously worked as the Assistant District Attorney for the Dallas County District Attorney's Office, he became a felony prosecutor in under 10 months' time.

This allowed him to not only gain essential knowledge, as he handled everything from capital murder to assault, but it gave him the practice he needed to grow into one of the best Dallas County prosecutors. Now he is able to utilize this experience from the other side of the court room and help protect the rights of countless individuals throughout Dallas.

Offering a free case evaluation, our firm wants nothing more than to provide accessible and affordable legal help for our clients. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our office today at (214) 682-0296!

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