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Has your probation been revoked?

If you or a friend or family member were recently caught violating the terms of your probation, you are in danger of having that probation revoked, or taken away. Many times, individuals find themselves facing charges from not only violating their probation conditions, but from the most current arrest as well. In this pivotal time, it is crucial to have an experienced lawyer representing your case.

At Knight Law Office, we believe you have the right to be protected and defended in court. Attorney Nelson Knight is known as an aggressive criminal defense lawyer with experience on both sides of the courtroom, having formerly served as an Assistant District Attorney for the Dallas County District Attorney's Office. We provide dedicated defense services, helping you increase your chances of a positive outcome. Available 24/7!

Understanding the Probation Revocation Process

Once police or probation officers report your probation violation, the court will likely hold a probation revocation hearing. If, in violating the conditions of your probation, you have committed a new crime, the revocation hearing may not be held until that crime has been dealt with. However, if your probation violation did not involve a new offense, the hearing can be held reasonably soon after your violation has been reported.

It is important to note that a revocation hearing is not a trial. Prosecutors simply have to prove that "more likely than not" you violated your probation. The hearing takes place in a court without a jury. However, the prosecution and defense may still submit evidence to support revoking or reinstating your probation. Since the burden of proof is not as high as in a criminal trial, it is easier to lose your probation than it was to have your initial freedom taken away.

Choose a Hard-hitting Criminal Defense Lawyer in Dallas

With so much at stake in probation revocation, it is imperative to have a seasoned attorney representing your side. Our Dallas criminal defense attorney takes each case seriously, providing clients with one-on-one attention. We understand that our representation can impact your future and freedom. Choose to work with a firm who cares about you and will help you reach the best outcome possible.

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