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  • I am proud to say Mr. Knight was my lawyer!

    “Mr. Knight is truly a wonderful Lawyer! He knows his stuff! He handled a very sensitive case for me. He worked diligently on my case. I had gone through two horrible Lawyers before I found the REAL DEAL! Mr. Knight knows the law. He is fair. He is very hard working for his clients. When he was handling my case, I felt like I was his only client! He made sure I understood the case and every step that happened. He was professional enough to tell me what could happen, what he felt our goals should be, and what he would work towards. As well as the possible outcomes from my case. Thanks to Mr. Knight, after three Lawyers I finally had a clear understanding of my case. That was so liberating for me. I finally felt like I was going to see the end of this. (Sooner than I thought) So, I have to say if you want a Lawyer who is going to be honest with you, hard working for you, Make sure you understand everything about your case. Then Mr. Knight and his law firm are for you! I hope you don't have to go through two other lawyers like I did. I wasted allot of money. I am Proud to say Mr. Knight was my lawyer!”


  • Attorney Nelson Knight is the attorney of choice.

    “Attorney Nelson Knight is the attorney of choice. He is professional, respectful, and concern, for his client and client's family. Most surprisingly, he was my son's court appointed attorney. I talked to him 5 or 6 times before actually meeting him, and he was never impatient. When he was extra busy, he did not avoid you; he just let you know his status. Mr. Knight listens to the client and then works in the best interest of his client. It is obvious that he has an excellent working relationship with the judge and prosecuting attorneys. They respect him. I expected one outcome for my son, but after Mr. Knight had presented the case, my family was blessed to have a miracle of an outcome. That is my experience. I highly recommend Attorney Knight. Thank you again, Attorney Knight.”


  • I would highly recommend him!

    “Nelson handled a very difficult case which my brother was involved in. The case was very complicated and received pretty widespread media attention. From my first meeting with Nelson up until closing the case, he was everything we could've hoped for in an attorney. He worked swiftly to handle a very sensitive situation early on in the case and continued to keep us abreast on updates until the case was finally settled 6 months later. I would highly recommend him to anyone that's involved in a situation.”


  • I owe my future to Nelson Knight and will forever be grateful for all that he did to help me!

    “Hiring Nelson Knight to help me with my case was quite possibly the best decision I’ve ever made. Not only was he able to plea my case down to a misdemeanor class C offense (from a Class B offense), he was able to negotiate things down to where both the fine and the community service hours were minimal. This is not something he ever promised nor was it something I ever expected. Just one of the many things Nelson Knight did over and above what he was hired to do. Most importantly, due to his diligence and "never-give-up" kind of attitude, I will be eligible to have my offense expunged in 6 months. This affects my entire life, not to mention the impact that this offense could have had to my 22-year career. The incident that happened with me could have changed the entire course of my life and negatively affected my ability ever to bring in my standard level of income, to which I have become accustomed. He made sure that didn’t happen. If I have to choose one thing that set Nelson Knight apart from everyone else, including the other defendants and their lawyers that were in ear's shot of me being able to hear what they were saying at court, it's that he's not afraid of the word "No." When the prosecutor for my case was unwilling to budge, Nelson marched up to this prosecutor's boss's office who had much more authority. He then presented my case to him. And guess what? It worked!! The thing that made me reach out to Nelson Knight in the first place were the reviews I read. There were hundreds of them, each one praising Nelson Knight's success. Each review was more inspiring than the one before. Initially, however, I was a bit concerned. I read all of these amazing reviews and media stories which portrayed Nelson Knight to be the type of no-nonsense kind of lawyer he is. I was concerned that my case (knowing it was only a misdemeanor) would not appeal to him professionally and/or financially. My mind wondered...”Will it be Nelson Knight himself working on my case? Or will he pass it along to a paralegal or assistant like I hear about with other attorneys who are overwhelmed with new cases?” Well, let me say this. From the very first time I called his office, it was Mr. Knight himself that answered his phone and stopped what he was doing to listen to my story. When my husband and I met with him at his office, we noticed again no assistant or receptionist checking us in. It was Nelson himself that greeted us and led us into the conference room. This was when he explained to us that this is the way he displays to his clients that they will have his personal, undivided attention. It was also at this time that he gave us his personal cell phone number. To say, “I was relieved to hear this” is an understatement. Mr. Knight explained that he would be there to answer any questions or address any concerns 24/7. Fortunately, he kept me so informed that I never had to take him up on the 24/7 offer, but it was sure a relief to hear. Lastly, I just want to say that Nelson never promised me things that were unattainable. He did his best, which is exactly what we hired him to do. I had met with several attorneys before meeting Nelson Knight, and none of them offered the creative and strategic ideas that he came up with. If it wasn't for these "thinking-outside-the-box" ideas that he suggested we do? Well, I'm certain we would not have achieved the outcome we did. I owe my future to Nelson Knight and will forever be grateful for all that he did to help me.”


  • I was able to get two charges dismissed!

    “Mr. Knight provided me with service above and beyond anything I could have imagined. He was always on top of my case, and with his help, I was able to get two charges dismissed with little inconvenience. He was very understanding of my situation and reassured me all along the way. I would highly recommend him.”

    Former Client

  • Outstanding Attorney & Successful Outcome!

    “Richard helped my cousin through one of the toughest cases out there. He kept my cousin updated, and he was very reliable and trustworthy. He did outstanding in helping us through the last 6 months and accomplishing a better, rare outcome.”


  • Thank you Mr. Nelson Knight

    “I had the pleasure to have Mr.Kinght work in a personal case. I'm absolutely glad I was able to find such a grate attorney. He was absolutely the best. Mr. knight was very helpful in making sure that my case was taken case of in a timely matter. He was always making sure I understood the status of my case and answering any of my questions. He took care of me. I Knew he was the right person to work in my case from the first moment we spoke over the phone. He was very direct and he make me feel comfortable and confident about making him a part of my team. He made me feel like the case I was bring up to the table was defiantly something he could work on and not only that but he make me feel like we was going to come out successfully clear out of what at the time look impossible. As one of Mr. Nelson Knight former clients I would like to say if your looking for an attorney that's going to take care of you or your love once he is most defiantly the man you want on your team he will fight for whats right and take care of you as a person that not as another case. His fees are very Affordable. He is very persistent in his job. He is what I like to call the best in Dallas and the surrounding areas. Let him take care of you. I can assure you that you wont be disappointed.”

    Felix Peppers

  • Thank you Mr. Knight and team!

    “I was referred to Mr. Knight by a friend and was told he has a great track record in criminal law. I was really at a loss on how to proceed in this criminal case for my son who had been in jail for over three months, at the time another attorney was working his case. I contacted Mr. Richard Nelson Knight, and in about a week after speaking with him, he provided me with the pros and cons of the case. I was provided updates frequently and in a short period my son was released. When Mr. Knight said he would fight for my son he did just that, his word was the bond. He is truly an honest, trustworthy, responsible and knowledgeable person. Three weeks was all it took from start to my son's release. His service was well appreciated and immaculate. Thank you, Mr. Knight and team.”



    “my recent situation this year in march 2020, I was informed by law enforcement that I had a felony 3 case. this type of case was a unoxthrodox type of case. this case could have landed me in a lengthy penological term in prison. this case was not worthy of such. I did my research in search of the right type lawyer who had experience in my type of case. which was based on a sex case I had from my past. which required me to have to register yearly. this case is over 30 years old. after 13 years of registering without any trouble. this unoxthodox nitch came up. in april 2020. I found Nelson Knight. HIS background and record as a criminal defense attorney was impeccable , his experience was well rounded and was fitting of this odd case.I called nelson and we discussed my case thoroughly. HE is a mile manored firm lawyer, he is confident and to the points. I knew I hired the correct attorney. NELSON KNIGHT IS a smart and calculative strateger. he knows his way around the courts on criminal matters. id say he is refreshing, with old school law ethics and true negotiator skills. hes one of the better . my case never reached a court and I was no billed, in 30 days. that means no case. case dismissed!! if you are in search of a powerful defense criminal. I endorse MR. NELSON KNIGHT. HIS ACTS MATCHS HIS RECORD!! GREAT FRIEND AND ATTORNEY!! THANKS AGAIN. ARTHUR!”


  • Nelson is a Life Saver!

    “Nelson was always accessible and responsive. He was handed a very challenging situation and kept up the fight and we got a FABULOUS result. I can’t recommend him enough!!!”


  • Effective Criminal Defense!

    “Mr. Knight was my husband's attorney and we had a situation that was unorthodox. He listened to my husband, and took the case. Nelson Knight knows his way in the Dallas Court System, he was once a D.A. which gives him leverage in criminal matters as a known defense attorney. My husband caught this case in late April of this year 2020, and we found Nelson in May, thirty days later this case was No Billed! Which means it was dismissed! The experience we had was securing and confident. I thank Nelson, for his quick and effective resolution of this matter. If you need a good criminal attorney; Nelson Knight is one of the best. Thank you Nelson.”


  • Excellent Job by Nelson Knight!

    “I was skeptical about hiring Mr. Knight but soon after he was hired he got right on the job!! I am in Houston, TX and my brother had a probation violation in Dallas. I hired Nelson over the phone, and he immediately went to work for us!! Nelson is definitely a man of his word and one of integrity!! He is worth the fee needed to do the job!! I strongly recommend Nelson Knight to anyone who needs an attorney!! Every time I called I spoke directly to Nelson and not a secretary or a paralegal and that is comforting as well as impressive. He also called to update me on the progress of my brother's case. In less than seven days my brother is out of jail and very grateful to Nelson Knight for his dedication to his work!! Other lawyers gave me the run-around, but Nelson was honest and confident. Nelson Knight has what it takes to get the job done!!! Excellent job Mr. Nelson Knight!!!! Thank You!!!”


  • Mr. Knight helped me get my life back on track.

    “Mr. Nelson Knight took my cases out of warrant status. He never promised what he couldn't deliver. His professional competence was complimented by the presiding judge. I was granted deferred probation on my 4th heroin possession charge when I had previously been sentenced to prison for prior heroin possession. My 4th DWLI was dismissed. Mr. Knight is an outstanding criminal attorney.”


  • We always received responses within a timely manner.

    “Could not have asked for a better outcome for my Brother. Nelson Knight Law office is dedicated and hard working, and we always received responses within a timely manner. I would recommend Knight Law to anyone in need of assistance. Thank you so much for your help.”

    Marlene T.

  • Definitely Recommend!

    “My case was very complicated, and after dodging the police for three years, I finally decided to contact Mr. Knight! After meeting with Mr. Knight and discussing the case and options carefully, I was able to get the prosecutor to agree to drop the felony charge of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle down to a misdemeanor and deferred probation with only six months! Mr. Knight was literally a dream come true and was very reachable throughout the entire case! Would definitely recommend!! 5 Stars!!!”


  • I highly recommend this law firm.

    “I highly recommend this law firm. My brother was facing serious prison time after being in jail for a year, but Nelson Knight got him out on probation. He is now free!”


  • Excellent Attorney

    “Nelson handled a very difficult case which my brother was involved in. The case was very complicated and received pretty widespread media attention. From my first meeting with Nelson up until closing the case, he was everything we could've hoped for in an attorney. He worked swiftly to handle a very sensitive situation early on in the case and continued to keep us abreast on updates until the case was finally settled six months later. I would highly recommend him to anyone that's involved in a situation.”


  • Very honest & dependable attorney!

    “After hiring Nelson in Feb, he represented my family member on several charges including 3rd-degree felonies for three different counties. Nelson traveled and went beyond excellent measures to fight each case. Nelson gave each case a careful examination of what was the best approach and then tackling the challenge each time without defeat. My loved one went from looking at serious jail time to walking out of jail with not so much as probation. I truly feel this would have never happened without the exceptional law expertise from Nelson. Nelson kept in contact and communicated thoroughly at all times. I would recommend Nelson to anyone looking for a great dependable lawyer who knows the law and has his client's best interest at hand every time.”


  • I highly recommend Nelson Knight as highly competent and sincerely compassionate attorney!

    “My case was about as bad as it gets. I was indicted on a 1st-degree felony with the possibility of 99 years imprisonment. This included evidence, witnesses, and a full confession with the detective. I discussed my case with Nelson at his office before hiring him on the case. He was optimistic about my dilemma. I was terrified and skeptical at first. Once hired, Mr. Knight went to work right away. He was easy to work with and stayed on top of things throughout the proceedings. I would also add that he was genuinely concerned as to my well being and recognized my innocent nature as a person. I was granted probation in a plea deal, and I avoided a long stay at a state prison. If there's any chance of a good outcome in your case, he will make it happen. I highly recommend Nelson Knight as highly competent and sincerely compassionate Attorney.”


  • Simply the Best!

    “After calling a lawyer, I had previously used I called Nelson Knight. After hearing what was going to happen, and what to expect from the other lawyer it left me no hope. I called Nelson Knight and explained my situation, he, without hesitation told me what he could do, how he was going to do it and when. The very next day that's exactly what happened and never have been more pleased with a lawyer and his professionalism, ever. I would recommend Mr. Knight to everyone. Thank you, Mr. Knight!”


  • Nelson Knight is the one you want leading the charge!

    “When faced with a legal battlefield, Nelson Knight is the one you want leading the charge! Nelson has an ability I've never seen in a defense lawyer before. He makes the lawyers on the other side feel like they're part of his team. Nelson has the rare combination of smarts, experience, raw capability and the personality of a real gentleman. His negotiating skills and technical know-how are phenomenal, but his confidence, responsiveness and fluency in criminal defense law is what catapults him to the best of the best! Nelson's a pit bull in the courtroom - with an intuitive knack for knowing where to concede and where to stay firm to get his client the best possible outcome. If you want someone who will swing for the fences when the going gets tough and won't quit fighting for you, Nelson Knight is your man!”


  • Mr. Knight made the whole process easy.

    “While dating a woman who had a few issues controlling her anger, I was put in a situation where I was arrested for something I didn’t do... Mr.Knight sat down with me and listened to my story... then took my case... Mr. Knight made the whole process easy by giving me a no stress payment plan... We did everything after the initial face to face consultation electronically.... and with my schedule and today’s technology... that was the most logical and convenient way to do things... Mr. Knight got my case dismissed and he kept me in the loop the whole way.. I will keep Mr. Knight on speed dial right next to my mother’s number.”


  • A Great Attorney!!!!

    “A Great Attorney!!!! My wife hired him for my Probation violation. Nelson got me a PR Bond and today my case got dropped. I didn’t do one day in jail. He has reasonable prices.Great job Nelson Knight”

    Jason Edwards

  • Awesome Attorney!

    “This is the second time I have used Mr. Knight as my attorney. Both times were equally impressive. This time he got me a 1-day sentence for a state-jail felony. He found out how to prove the police officer lied about his reasoning for stopping me and presented this to the D.A. to get my case dismissed and I could not be happier. I would use Mr. Knight again and will tell anyone who needs a great criminal defense lawyer about him.”


  • Best Attorney no doubt. Nelson thank you so much you are the best thank god for attorneys like yourself.

    “As one of Mr. Knight's former clients, I can't express how thankful I am for him and his service. He took care of me. And made me come out of a felony charge. They told me I was looking into prison time of 3 years for my felony charge. Nelson stepped in and got me out of jail with a 2 year parole sentence in just a few court dates I was out and back home with my family. And still after the fact I got released he still called my wife to ask if we had any question or concerns not to hesitate to call him he offered to help us in ever way possible. If you are in need of an Attorney to take care of you or someone close to you and you want good and effective results look no farther Nelson is the attorney you need on your team he is the best I can assure you that you wont be disappointed.”


  • Forever Thankful!

    “By The Grace of God, Nelson Knight's Excellent Expertise, and Hon. Jeanine Howard's compassion my son has been giving a second chance to be a dad/son/brother/uncle. Thank you Nelson, my family and I will forever be thankful!”


  • Always Great!

    “I have used Nelson many times in the past and the outcome has always been great! I am sad to say my husband 2nd wife is trouble. I will always contact Nelson and recommend him to anyone!”


  • Best attorney money can buy!

    “Mr. Knight is a very attentive and knowledgeable attorney. He made me feel like my case was the only and most important case he was working on. He worked diligently to get me the best outcome possible. I was very pleased with his work. I would recommend him to my grandmother. He is worth every penny!”


  • Unquestionably The Best!

    “If you are searching for a "Knight" in shining armor, I've already done the work for you... HANDS DOWN this is the absolute King. He should have had the crown. He took an unwinnable violation of probation and won!!! Not only that, defended me, my honor and pride, exactly as spoken. When it comes to attorneys, you'll get no better. Call him first or call this KNIGHT last. But you'll end up at home with a smile like mine as soon as you decide he's your guy... It is unreal what he's just done for me... I'M OFF ALL PAPER! Unreal is the least I can say.”


  • Above & Beyond My Expectations!

    “Mr. Knight is a genuine person; he treats his clients and their families as his own. He is not going to tell you what you want to hear; he is going to tell you what to expect and the truth about the services he would be able to provide for your case. He will give you his personal time to the case and important factors that should be focused on. He keeps his clients and their families up to date without them having to ask how the case is progressing. Justice is a clear goal of his in each case, and I quickly realized that by his actions and the fact that he was proactive. He went above and beyond my expectations during my father's case and was able to come to an agreement with the judge that neither one of us thought possible. My advice to anyone looking to obtain an attorney is to consult many and find one that stands out from the rest and beats to their own drum. Look for a lawyer that gives you their time, respect, and shows passion about your situation. They will treat you and your case with those three important qualities; overall that will play a key factor in the result of any court case.”


  • Thank you Nelson for all your hard work and dedication to past and present clients.

    “I used Nelson Knight a few years back and his sincerity and professionalism is above any I have ever seen. Fast Forward 8 years later and my boyfriend is dealing with some issues and he was the first one I thought of. He answered my call and was so kind and let me know he will find out what is going on. Once you use an attorney like Nelson You dont want any one else to help you in anything legal. Thank you Nelson for all your hard work and dedication to past and present clients.”

    LoRanda Johnston


    “I had a really bad 2nd degree felony theft case over 150 thousand and I’m a convicted felon. I thought I was going to prison for a long time. I contacted attorney knight and he assured me that I wasn’t going to do any time. I didn’t have the money right away to pay him and he gave me time to pay him out on a payment plan. His prices are very reasonable. To say the least, this day is the best day of my life! I didn’t have to serve no time, no court cost, no fine and NO COMMUNITY SERVICE! I got 2 years deferred adjudication probation! This man is awesome!! We talking theft over 150 thousand! So if you looking for a GREAT ATTORNEY that’s going to fight for you be straight forward and honest with you then ATTORNEY NELSON KNIGHT is your guy.”


  • Nelson Knight will work for you!

    “Nelson is awesome! My son went to jail on 1/12/18 probation violation on a prior theft of person charge, 2nd probation violation, this time he hadn’t reported since 2016. I contacted Nelson on 1/16 explained the case he appeared at court the next day 1/17 to represent my son. Nelson got with the DA and was able to work out a plea; as of today 1/24/18 my son is being released, Nelson was able to get back time credit and some county time and on top of that he will not be on probation. I highly recommend Nelson he was able to resolve this matter within a few days, please understand that before Nelson came on the scene my son was facing 2yrs state jail. I highly recommend Nelson I wish that I could give his service 10 stars. In addition to his great service Nelson’s fee to represent my son was affordable, he is professional, kind and was on point on providing updates. He listened to our request in what we were seeking and made it happen. We can’t thank him enough for all that he has done for us in such a short time. If you are looking for quality representation contact Nelson.”

    T. Evans

  • If you want it done the right, way go to this guy.

    “I had three cases of violation..got more than 4 dirty ua throughout my probation so I thought I was going to jail already. Had over four cases total. They were already trying to convict me on the three cases but that’s when I hired Nelson. Good prices for his services. He is great on communication so the whole time I was going to court he would let me know what’s going on and what to do or make sure we were ahead of the court..long story short all my cases got dismissed and I’m off probation and really only had one clean ua so I’m shocked about that. Pretty much got a second chance to having a clean record for my age..don’t get any other lawyer. If you want it done the right way go to this guy.”


  • Going above and beyond my expectations!!! Thank you Nelson for giving me my life back!!!

    “Long story short, I had gotten arrested for possession of a control substance. I was terrified. I had a warrant out for my arrest, for missing a court date, that I didn't even know I had. I needed to hurry and find a lawyer to tell me what my options were. I google searched for a criminal lawyer, and Mr. Knight was at the top of the page. I read that he was highly recommended by other clients that hired Mr. Knight to represent them. All the reviews were positive. I messaged Mr. Knight telling him briefly about my case, and he called me back instantly, too meet him in person. Meeting him, felt like I've known him for years. I was scared. Nervous. He quickly put me at ease!! He assured me that everything will be just fine. He was right!! He did things for me, that I can never fully express how grateful I am for Mr. Knight. He made sure that my warrant was lifted, and made sure I never stepped foot in a jail, he got my legal fees knocked down, to almost nothing, and most importantly, he was by my side the whole time, and SO much more!! He kept me updated and informed about my case, and answered any and all questions that I had. He's tough, very confident, and doesn't sugarcoat anything. He's very straight forward. He also has a sense of humor, which was refreshing. I HIGHLY, recommend Mr. Knight, to anyone needing an aggressive lawyer that fights for you!!! Mr. Knight, thank you again, sir!! You have given me my life back, and I could've done it without you!!! Thank you, Michelle Garrett”


  • I chose the right attorney and you should too.

    “When stopped for a traffic violation, I was told of a case I had no knowledge of from 2012. I didn't know who to call and I live out of town. Attorney Knight was capable of achieving an outcome I never expected. He is professional, extremely knowledgable, and acts quickly. He is straight forward with you. He personally hand delivered documents to make sure they were in the right hands. I have no question I chose the right attorney and you should too.”

    Dianne M

  • Thank you for helping me regain my freedom.

    “Distinguished Professional. Mr. Knight was very detailed in his approach with my case. Never did he offer false hopes or promises. He is a very knowledgeable attorney and has a great working relationship with both the D.A. and the courts. I had a case of probation violation that had gone into warrant status. This case was 12 YEARS old. I met him for the first time on a Monday and on Wednesday morning he had gotten my felony warrant dropped and the probation closed without me appearing before the courts. If you have any needs for an attorney that will fight for you and has the knowledge to do just that, then Nelson Knight is the call you NEED to make no matter how small or big your case may be. His fees were remarkably priced for what he was able to do for me. Thank you for helping me regain my freedom. I am indebted to you, sir.”

    Jason Polasek

  • One of the Best Advocates for you!

    “My family and I worked with Mr. Knight for +6months on my cousin's case. He was a great advocate for my cousin and did a great job from day one. He was reliable, prompt, and trustworthy. I could not be more grateful to him for what he's helped do for us. I would recommend him to anyone.”


  • There Every Step Of The Way!

    “In 2012 I was incarcerated for capital murder and my lawyer, Nelson Knight, was there to help my family and I every step of the way. After my family contacted this attorney, I would hear from him often this is how I knew he was really working for me. After only 6 months, he was able to get me my freedom back. I highly recommend this attorney for your legal needs.”


  • Mr. Knight was literally a dream come true.

    “My case was very complicated and after dodging the police for 3 years I finally decided to contact Mr. Knight! After meeting with Mr. Knight and discussing the case and options carefully, I was able to get the prosecutor to agree to drop the felony charge of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle down to a misdemeanor and deferred probation with only 6 months! Mr. Knight was literally a dream come true and was very reachable throughout the entire case! Would definitely recommend!! 5 Stars!!!”


  • Thank you so much Mr. Nelson!

    “Husband had a serious probation violation... found Mr knight online. He worked with me, communicated with me so well. Answered all my questions. And was just amazing. Husband got the help he needed and more. Thank you sir. For the comfort and hard work. We appreciate you very much. Very grateful!!!”


  • Best Criminal Lawyer in Texas!

    “Mr. Knight helped me with all my charges in Dallas County. He was the best lawyer I ever had, and I have had quite a few. He charged a very fair price and got multiple of my charges dropped! Instead of just trying to get me to pay fees, he fought for my justice! He is the BEST lawyer in Texas. Never use another lawyer, Mr. Knight is the best! I couldn't believe all he did for my DWI. He did a MUCH better job than my previous attorney. He is amazing!”